comprehensive training

Training - You and/or your unit manager will attend our comprehensive, two-week training program. Training will take place at one of our company managed Scramblers locations where you will learn our operational procedures, merchandising techniques, systems training, register operation, payroll management, inventory control and other skills in a real working environment to make your business as successful as possible. In addition, you will spend time at the office learning company culture, hiring practices and marketing.

Operations manuals - You will receive a complete set of operation manuals to assist you in the daily running of your store. Also, our franchise intranet portal, newsletters and personal contact will keep you current on new products, operational improvements and new information regarding supplies, equipment, regulations and promotions.



development support

Site selection assistance - Our brokers maintain close contact with major regional mall and shopping center developers across the nation to help ensure prime locations. Our goal is to assist you in securing the best site available in your market. We are experienced with both sides of the retail leasing table because we have developed and managed many of the retail centers in which current Scramblers locations are now operating,

Constructive and build-out guidance - Scramblers has identified the ideal site size as approximately 3,400 square feet to maximize operational efficiency while balancing build out costs. Our recommended architects and contractors will assist with meeting the design specification and local regulations. Warm inviting colors and tall, airy ceilings create and upscale, but cozy appearance.


operations & marketing support

Operations - Once you open for business, we will continue to assist you by providing experienced trainers to help integrate all the skills you learned at our training center and further assist in training
your employees. At all times you will have access to all Scramblers' proprietary systems including customer service and surveys, financial portal, inventory management and more.

Marketing - Our experience marketing will initially work with you to build and execute a grand opening plan. After opening, we will help you develop a local marketing plan that utilizes both inbound and outbound techniques with the best ROI for you. In addition, we will provide an ongoing marketing and advertising support including in-store signage materials, flyers, coupons, custom graphic desgin and more.



Your franchise coach will visit periodically to consult with you on the operation of your store and complete a store assessment.

In addition, you will be able to complete self-assessments on your own location and manager at any time. This will allow your franchise coach additional information in between visits and allow you to hold your manager accountable to the Scramblers standards.


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