our breakfast is unique

We provide fresh ingredients. We crack eggs right from the shell every day and shred our specialty cheese blend! Our pancake batter is made from scratch daily and our coffee is our proprietary blend. These labors of love help give our food that flavor you just can’t get anywhere else. Well, except maybe your own kitchen!

We leave dinner for some one else to handle.

•    Preferred product mix for business meetings and power breakfasts

•    Top of mind awareness for the exclusivity of the breakfast/lunch day concept

•    Carry-out menus and bulk sales menus for offices and groups

•    Extensive and high-quality full lunch menu, allowing tremendous growth opportunity to build on the established breakfast base and a competitive edge in the lunch market

•    Tremendous potential for evening opportunities, including parties, banquets, and facility rental ability to offer private banquet dinners for groups of 25-200 people that provides you with an additional potential revenue stream

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