Café Marie: 1989 to 2003

At Scramblers, the restaurant business is a family affair. It all started when, in the late 1980's, patriarch Philip Buerk and his son Shain saw a need for a concept that was unthinkable by most of the food service industry. While most restaurants were positioning themselves to be as broad as possible in their menu and target market, this father and son team saw the unique advantages of specialization. By limiting their hours and becoming experts at just one segment, they created a new restaurant concept that was so good at breakfast and lunch that they could close the doors in the middle of the afternoon and leave dinner to somebody else.

Ten Star Enterprises Inc, the original parent company or the Scramblers' brands was formed in December of 1989 in order to operate and expand the full service, breakfast and lunch family restaurant concept called Café Marie.  While the company’s original operation consisted of two Toledo, Ohio locations, the fantastic potential of this groundbreaking concept was quickly obvious. Through careful and deliberate planning, attention to efficient operations, and thousands of overstuffed customers; in a few years time Phil and Shain standardized the model creating a template for consistency that future stores would follow and steadily grew the company by opening units all over Ohio.


Scrambler Marie’s: 2004 to 2016

In 1998 Café Marie was becoming the favorite local breakfast spot for a half a dozen Ohio communities but as the concept opened in brand new towns the name over the door was confusing to new guests.  The operation's concentration on "doing only, what we do best" needed to by communicated in the restaurant's name and so it was decided that all new locations would open with a name that would signify their expertly crafted niche and Scramblers was born.

For several years two restaurants serving the same amazing recipes with the same stellar service coexisted until it became obvious that the potential of the concept warranted the melding of a single branded name. In the summer of 2004 the brands “Café Marie” and “Scramblers” were merged and a new logo was trademarked, “Scrambler Marie’s”.

With lines of eager customers waiting outside the door for breakfast on Sunday mornings, the potential for explosive growth was undeniable and in 2005 a pivotal moment occurred.  In order to make the brand available to a clamoring market of future restauranteurs, Scrambler Marie’s Franchise Development, LLC. was born. Opening the concept to new operating partners was a powerful lever because it not only allowed for growth but also brought in new ideas and innovations from savvy entrepreneurs who's business acumen continued to build on the model and refine it... and the system grew.


Scramblers: 2017 and beyond

A simple and clear message is a powerful thing in all types of marketing, such is the case for a restaurant's name too. Poised for expansion into cities all over the U.S., and in order to present a clean and sharp image to clearly identify its market segment, in 2017 the final steps of rebranding were undertaken and Scramblers became the standard.

Now all the pieces are in place and with locations strategically spread throughout the Upper Midwest Scramblers is poised for growth, but just as it did back in the beginning, Scramblers is true to its values and continues to aspire to delight every guest by impressing them with unique breakfast and lunch recipes, and attentive, friendly service in a clean, dynamic and comfortable environment.