Are you dedicated to delivering excellent customer, fresh and quality food and have a desire to work alongside leaders who promote an exciting and engaging company culture?

Is an enjoyable work-life balance important to you, as it is to us?


 The Scramblers' team does not just work together; we are invested in each other’s lives.


Each Scrambler Marie’s location provides a fresh, bright, cosmopolitan ambiance perfectly suited to business professionals without disturbing the original service of family dining. We pride ourselves on prompt friendly service, and large portions of unique meal options made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. Our employees continue to execute our service and food just as we did 20 years ago.


One of the most unusual features of the business is the hours of operation, which are displayed proudly as 6:30am to 3:00pm every day.

This “breakfast and lunch only” circumstances afford several key competitive advantages:

  • Single shift labor scheduling allows a maximum 10-hour day, which limits costs of management, crew staffing and supervision
  • Creates a preferred shift for staff. This allows us to be more selective with personnel and allows our staff a positive cheerful attitude
  • Evenings free
    • Be a real part of raising your family
    • Kids sporting events
    • Family dinners
  • Evening recreation leagues (softball, golf, bowling)
"We embrace our people in everything they do, this results in a high-performing environment that feels like family.” 

Shain Buerk, President and co-founder of Scramblers’ brands

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