Café Marie: 1990 to 2003

Ten Star Enterprises, an Ohio Corporation, was formed in December of 1990 for the purpose of operating and expanding the full service, family restaurant concept called Café Marie.  While the company’s original operation consisted of two Toledo, Ohio locations, the fantastic potential of this dynamic concept became quickly obvious additional units and expansions of the Café Marie name were anticipated. Because of this expectation, standardization of the model was quickly adopted by the first two stores creating a template for consistency that future stores would follow, thereby allowing easy replication of the operation.  Driven by growing sales volume, a third location was added in January of 1996 in nearby Findlay, OH.

Patriarch Philip Buerk originally spearheaded this family restaurant venture. He remains active with the company still 20 years later.  His development, ownership, and eventual sale of 19 franchised Wendy’s restaurants in several western states marked his first 15 years’ experience in the industry. Turning his focus toward the opportunities of a full service concept, Buerk returned to his roots in Toledo where, inspired by his wife and daughters’ name, he created Café Marie. Since the company’s inception, Phil’s oldest son, Shain Buerk, has had an active management influence on operations, with emphasis on training for eventual ownership.  Believing in the potential of this business, Shain purchased the outstanding stock of Ten Star Enterprises in October of 1992. Together, this father and son team effectively sharpened the concept and subsequently improved annual volume.


Scrambler Marie’s: 2004 to 2016

In 1998 Café Marie opened its first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, while adding a 5th unit in Perrysburg, Ohio. This opening marked an exciting change for the Café Marie concept because, in an attempt to further identify itself in a unique market niche was launched. With the steady and continued growth pattern it became obvious that the potential of the concept warranted that the synergy of a single branded name would be of paramount value as many future stores were considered. Inspired by this potential in the summer of 2004 the brands “Café Marie” and “Scramblers” were merged and a new logo trademarked, that is “Scrambler Marie’s” and will soon become “Scramblers” in 2017. Today there are 25 locations total with 11 company managed locations.


Scrambler Marie’s Franchise Development, LLC. was formed in 2005 and is owned and operated by the same principals as Ten Star and has been granted an exclusive license of the Scrambler Marie’s concept and trademark. We have experienced a steady but aggressive growth pattern of franchises to individual owner operators and multi-unit developers in a relatively close geographic area to the Toledo, OH market, 14 locations to date. Expected 3-year development areas include continued growth in our existing operational metropolitan regions and expand our reach to new Midwest markets in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Of utmost importance to the franchise success will be the ability to actively support, service, and advise franchise operators. We acknowledge that this can most effectively be accomplished by limiting geographic distances in the early years of expansion.


Scramblers: 2017

Presently, as Ten Star looks toward the future, the objective of expansion remains at the forefront of corporate goals.  We look forward to creating relationships with operating partners who share our passion for value, service, and excellence.